Stasia Demick

Creative Writing and English graduate from Pepperdine University. Honored as co-valedictorian of the Creative Writing Division and Magna Cum Laude of the Class of 2016. I served on the Sports section of the newspaper for four years, finishing as the Sports Editor with a team of five writers. I also ran track and cross country competitively for my University, with sixteen years of athletic experience.

Spread the word: Rap as a form of public resistance and pedagogy

Rap is dangerous. Rap is dangerous to institutional and silent racism everywhere. Rap opens dialogue and discourse. Rap fights itself in issues of controversy, race, and sexism. Rap struggles to remain self-conscious without selling out to social pressures to please without agitating reflection. Rap undergoes reclamation and refiguration through various artists and identities, yet rap persists. Since the first block party in the Bronx to the diverse homes, and phones, and communities of America today, rap speaks. Now Americans must learn how to listen.

Feature: Augusto Alvarez Shreds the Surf ‹ Pepperdine Graphic

Augusto Alvarez came to Pepperdine for one specific reason: the waves. The Miami native set his eyes on the coveted waves of the West Coast when he chose Pepperdine. “The more I fell in love with surfing, the more I wanted to come here,” Alvarez said. When Alvarez was 10 years old his parents sent him to a surf camp to test the waters. The passion came later when he switched elementary schools and found a fit with a group of kids getting into skating and surfing.

This is What Black History Month Could Mean for Us ‹ Pepperdine Graphic

We can share or reject our privilege we have over another person due to race, orientation or gender. We are not fixing a system that is broken; we are reconstructing institutional systems that weren’t built right in the first place. What an exciting time to be alive. What a hopeful time of opportunity. We are given the chance to heal our nation with our words and actions and thoughts. What better way to live in line with the dreams of Dr. King? If we participate in this dialogue, we empower ourselves and our neighbors to shape the future. It will shape our today until the future is forever changed.

Thrill-Seeking Sophomore Goes the Distance at the Grand Canyon ‹ Pepperdine Graphic

Frustrated with his first collegiate cross-country season, Matt Zupan loaded his car up in Malibu and headed east until he hit the Grand Canyon. He spent the night under the stars sleeping in his car thinking about how much water and food he could carry for the next day’s run. At 4:30 the next morning, the sophomore laced up his shoes and strode out onto the trail. Eleven hours and 40 minutes later, he would return back to his car and drive home to Pepperdine. Within that time he ran 46 miles...

Get ready: Waves Send Tides of Change ‹ Pepperdine Graphic

Racial discrimination across the country places a long overdue call to action upon Pepperdine as a community. The Pepperdine bubble has had enough. Hate speech and threats motivated by racism aggravated the insular experience of our Malibu lives. People began to confront racism in Ferguson, then in Baltimore and in Charleston. Soon enough, racism was confronted by college campuses around the nation, including Pepperdine.

Coach Adam Estrin Strengthens the Athletic Program ‹ Pepperdine Graphic

A Division I athlete puts in mental and physical work to break records and win championships. However, no athlete can do it alone, and that’s where Strength and Conditioning Coach Adam Estrin comes in. Adam Estrin contributes a dedication and sense of humor that make the Waves program a place for athletes to grow and progress both mentally and physically to edge out the competition. “The most rewarding part of all this is when I do my job and it works out well,” Estrin said. “My obligation is...

Malte Kramer: Baller Turned CEO ‹ Pepperdine Graphic

A year after graduating Pepperdine as co-valedictorian, Malte Kramer co-founded and became CEO of Givvr, a site that allows users to convert their time into money and donate to the cause of his or her choice. Kramer founded Givvr in April 2014, the same month he graduated at the top of his class at Pepperdine. Since then, Kramer has traveled the world, inspiring others to make a difference and take charge of their futures.

Super Bowl Smack Talk ‹ Pepperdine Graphic

Both teams boast a 14-4 record going into Sunday. It is the same Goliath and the Giant story as the Seahawks match up against the Patriots legend Tom Brady and the all-time winningest post-season coach, Bill Belichick. But hey, at least we don’t deflate our balls. The Hawks return to the Bowl as the less-experienced underdog, which is a good position to be in, considering it’s where we never lose. Just like the ill-fated Broncos, the Patriots rely on a powerful offense. Luckily, the Hawks bring

Yoga Blends Cross-Training and Competition ‹ Pepperdine Graphic

In Southern California there are several truisms one learns. First, flip-flops are a part of one’s year-around wardrobe. Second, 60-degree days constitute sweater weather. Lastly, yoga is good. In the realm of athletics, this third truism permeates the modern sports world as well. The 5,000-year-old practice of yoga is incorporated into more and more professional regiments, including the training of entire franchises like the Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Eagles. Yoga is now a staple cross-trai

Fuel your body like an athlete ‹ Pepperdine Graphic

Pepperdine competes in the most competitive NCAA division in the nation and against the top teams in many sports. The Waves have won 12 NCAA Division I championships, and continue to produce powerhouse athletes every year. Athletes such as MLB player Danny Worth and soccer stars Anisa Guajardo and Roxanne Barker prove that the Waves bring in and produce some of the great athletes in professional sports. Hard work and excellent coaching are fundamental components to the path of success, but self